Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. This method of growing is not new, in fact farmers have been growing using hydroponics since the 1600’s. However, a hydroponic system for growing plants in large quantities has not existed until very recently. Now with a American Fodder Box system the reality of using large scale hydroponics to produce feed for livestock has the potential to change the way livestock producers operate. Under traditional farming methods, growing feed for livestock in a field is both time and resource intensive. It requires hundreds of acres of land, thousands of gallons of water, hundreds of hours of labor, tractors and combines, hundreds of gallons of fuel, several applications of fertilizer and chemicals, and large long term storage facilities. If a farmer wished to increase production output, he or she must proportionally increase all of the resource inputs. Even then, crop quality and yield remain at the mercy of the weather. 

Rising land prices are a market driver that makes land acquisition unattainable for many who do not have financial means. Land shortages are also a market driver. Oftentimes, available land does not exist within reasonable proximity to a producer’s current operation, and when landowners pass their land down generation after generation, it can leave adjacent operations land-locked. For those who do have available cropland, Mother Nature becomes a market driver. Field grown feed output remains dependent on the cooperation of water and weather’s unpredictability creates drastic fluctuations in the livestock feed market. Bad weather reduces yield and causes high retail feed prices; good weather causes low payouts for crops. 

To address these challenges, American Fodder Box has developed our American Fodder Technologies grow systems. We control all the variables that affect traditional methods. American Fodder Box is a producer owned company manufacturing and marketing equipment that hydroponically grows livestock feed, as well as food for human consumption. Our climate controlled semi-automated systems grow small grains into healthy live feed in a manner that adds production efficiencies and enhances conservation of natural resources. 

We actually add nutritional value to the end product. This system was invented and developed by Tim Hall one of the owners of American Fodder Box. He was seeking to reduce feed costs and all input costs and produce a healthier animal both on the race track and in the field. Several patents are pending and our system grows grasses in a controlled building environment that produces healthy live green feed that is harvested daily. These nutritious grasses can be fed to all types of animals that eat grass and pasture. 

The American Fodder Box is adaptable in the crop and amount of product it can grow. A complete enclosed climate controlled system or install our system in your own structure and grow it to any size you choose. It is an excellent livestock feed production choice for: 

1) existing agriculture animal producers looking to enhance profitability and environment sustainability; 2) beginning farmer with minimal capital and land constraints; 3) small to medium size farms seeking feed alternatives to benefit their operations; 4) urban farmers without access to land; 5) hydroponic organic farming opportunities.