The Grow Cube 150 will produce approximately 150 lbs of great luscious fodder on a daily basis with a 7 day rotation. The Unit is 4′ x 4′ x 7.6′. We recommend barley and wheat as your main growth medium. There are hundreds and hundreds of other seeds beyond those two products that will grow in your Grow Cube 150. Mix and match your seeds for better nutrition. The American Fodder Box Grow Cube unit was built from the ground up specifically for the the production of Hydroponically grown fodder. 

It is a 4X4x7.6 foot unit. Made of American sourced aluminum. Every seam expertly welded and hand crafted. Every single detail has been thought out while producing this Hydroponic unit. Bio Security A completely new approach to bio security with the American Fodder Box is that we use OxyBlast™ which is a Hydrogen Peroxide system utilizing a Dosatron unit that silently fights your mold and mildew issues. Hydrogen Peroxide is the safest most effective means of fighting mold and mildew and a host of other benefits. FodderFlora is our Probiotic with Mineral pack that fights mold and mildew but also increases the nutritional value of the fodder by increasing the BRIX levels. We also utilize UVC lighting in our systems which is a first in the Industry. This prevents mold spores from being transplanted throughout the Fodder Chamber. The air is purified several hundred times a day. 

Racking and Tray System 
Many new innovations have been implemented here in the American Fodder Box. Our unique way of implementing the water flow to the trays allows for less bio-mold and mildew issues, eliminates entire plumbing systems. Our grow room is spotless and there is nothing unnecessary to allow mold and mildew to attach itself. Rather than rely on broken plastic trays the American Fodder Box has custom made steel trays. The entire racking system IS the plumbing system. Carefully welded and tested for leaks then installed into the growing chamber. 

Water Delivery 
We utilize a special sprinkler that attaches directly to our special racking system. They don’t fall out or wear out. It is a special two piece unit with an LPD (Leak Prevention Device) which allows us to prevent drips after watering that can destroy the biscuit. Our watering system is carefully planned as to location and controlled by our American Fodder Box Control System. The water is also delivered without the aid of a water pump. We utilize the water pressure from the customer well system. 

Control System 
We have a complete analog system for stability, reliability, and ease of use. 
There are several options available that do not come with the American Fodder Box. Some of the options may not be necessary depending on your particular set up. Here are some of the options: Backup water and pump system in the event water goes off for length of time.

Recirculation System
It has a complete circulation system built in to recirculate feeding water. For additional feed production there is a trolley and special seeder to get another 20% production when maxed out.

*American Fodder Box Notes: 
Once you place an order for your American Fodder Box it takes four weeks to build and prep. We ship on a low boy unit, we try and get shipping costs to be as low as possible. Every American Fodder Box Grow Cube is tested in every phase before it gets on a truck. Every system is checked off during our quality control inspection. When your American Fodder Box Grow Cube arrives you simply plug in the power, water, and seed the trays. It takes care of the rest. You are then ready to start your first round of beautiful clean green nutritious fodder.